What Is Our History?

Professional Services Bahamas (PSB) was established in 1989 by its founder Mr. Cyril Lowe, with the main objective to recruit, staff, and connect employers with the best Bahamian employees. PSB partnered with its affiliate company, Bahamas Institute Of Commerce (polytechnic), one of the oldest Bahamian tertiary institutions, to ensure employers were getting the best trained staff possible. As time progressed, with a greater vision in his heart, Mr. Lowe re-launched the Professional Services Bahamas company and its products in September 2016. This re-launch included the introduction of an exciting new signature magazine series acknowledging top Bahamian professionals from various industries, a staffing agency, and vocational and technical training both online and in a face-to-face classroom setting.

What We Do?

The acknowledgement aspect of the company has created a signature magazine series that features top Bahamians and organizations that are significantly impacting the Bahamas in a positive way. This magazine series will not only recognize top Bahamian professionals but facilitate honorees sharing valuable knowledge with the next generation of Bahamian professionals. Also through our acknowledgement programme we will focus on building mentorship programs, business development partners and philanthropic causes that need urgent attention.

The staffing aspect of PSB provides online professional recruitment and placement services to employers and prospects seeking employment. Each applicant viewed on the online portal will always meet the high standards of PSB, possessing quality customer service skills, exceptional professionalism, and the skills matched to what employers are seeking. The PSB online employment portal will provide a simple and efficient way for employers and great potential applicants to connect effectively.

Finally, the education aspect of PSB prepares individuals to be the most sought after and knowledgeable prospects for future employers. We offer technical training online and in a face-to-face classroom with highly qualified educators to prepare individuals for successful careers.

Professional Services Bahamas is a one stop shop, offering exceptional services